New, improved DualShock 4
Duplicate main buttons on the petals located on a back of the gamepad
and prepare for new sensations in a game
Gamers reviews
Captain of Russian national Overwatch team

… I like to play on consoles, the features, the atmosphere there. And the changes made by Crossfire are very good. These are new opportunities of controls which make a game better.
Roman "PowerTrip" Saykin

… Device lies perfect in hand and middle and ring fingers lay perfect on petals. It is quite simple to get used to new controls and literally several minutes later the obvious thought comes to mind: "Why producers from Sony did not think of such decision, if it feels so good?
Triplewipe the largest Destiny channel on YouTube Russia

… Crossfire can surprise and win the heart of any console player! It is the simplest and therefore the most comfortable accessory. Having played with which at least once – you irrevocably get used to advantages in the battlefield in a favorite game which it gives you!
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Configuration for
Jump Slide
Become quicker and more precise!
It is not necessary to remove a thumb from
the right stick to jump or slide anymore.
Run Recharge
Move quicker during aiming with left petal pressed.
Program an multi-click so that the sprint was carried out
without repeated pressing the left petal(Х).
Jump Ultimate
Adjust configurations individually for different characters.
Example: while playing Torbjörn, it is very convenient
to place switching between hammer`s and rivet gun on the right petal.
New opportunities and advantages
Duplicate any main buttons
Save and load profiles
Double and triple click
Turn off petals
Original gamepad Sony DualShock 4
Various color options
Guarantees of the manufacturer
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